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Happy Christmas

“Happy Christmas.”

That is how we greet each other during the Christmas season in Jamaica, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of the countries that make up the British Commonwealth. In either case, Christmas greetings to one and all. Cheers all around!

In my opinion, my book “Waine’s World” is a great gift for friends young or old, near and far. One subscriber wrote to the Upson Beacon saying it’s “the best book [he] has ever read.” That is high praise indeed! Hopefully you will find it inspiring as well. Someone else observed that I am always finding good things to say about Thomaston, and I told her that there is a lot of goodness here.

When you buy the book, your contributions go entirely to a good cause. We are trying to address some of the desperate dental needs of children. We need a dental van staffed with a pediatric dentist and hygienists. While we need $500,000, we have only raised $20,000 so far—but I have so much faith, I am already recruiting a pediatric dentist. Please read the book and support this wonderful project. Let’s get this done!

Dr. Stephanie Kong and I will be forever grateful to the Great Architect of the Universe for bringing us to Thomaston. We are in love with this amazing place and now plan to spend the rest of our days here. Can you believe that it has been ten years since we have been calling Thomaston home? My wife’s name is not Dr. Zoe as some parents insist. “ZÖe” is a Greek word meaning “Gift from God.”

Anniversaries provide natural occasions to take stock, reflect and marvel at how well we managed our affairs, sum up our significant milestones and plan for the challenges ahead. Over the last ten years, we have grown together. The population of our city has grown and prospered. Due to the increased value of our real estate, our reserves grew exponentially. Our city is flush with cash and I certainly support raises for our law enforcement officers and teachers. Our high school athletes and scholars continue to impress. If you want to know the health and welfare of a place, find out about the health of the children.

If you want to know the health and welfare of a place, find out about the health of the children.

All around, we are a vibrant city with engaged citizens and great leadership. There is not a selfish soul among our leaders.

ZÖe Pediatrics has diligently and lovingly provided superb care for all the children we serve, to hopefully actualize their full potential and justify the trust their parents placed in us. We expanded to Barnesville and Columbus and launched new efforts to serve our community by inaugurating ZÖe After Hours, ZÖe ABA, ZÖe Med-Tech, Health and Wellness at ZÖe Pediatrics, Kong Real Estate Holdings, ZÖe Management Solutions and of course, ZÖe Pediatrics Foundation, which has been my focus since my “retirement.”

I am now 78 years old and blessed. These entities will figure prominently as we press forward. We started with 5 employees, 10 years ago (3 of them are still with us) and now support 150 families from our ballooning payroll that includes 100% medical insurance coverage. We saw 200 patients in our first month (April 2012) and now take care of over 10,000 children per month in our 4 offices with the services of 10 amazing pediatricians and 150 members of our team.

The first patient that came through our doors in her mother’s arms was beautiful Kamryn Williams. Her sisters Carlee and Kynsleigh have grown up with us too, and Kamryn is now 11 years old. We plan to do something very special for her during our 10-year anniversary in April.

After much consternation regarding the cost of lumber and building materials, permits, frustration dealing with supply chain and labor, we are excitedly anticipating the completion of our new building in Barnesville, Georgia. Our architect, Ray Underwood, and builder/contractor, Dangie Construction, have done a great job. We will announce our grand opening soon!

Along with moving our Barnesville pediatric office to the new building, about half of the 12,000 sq. ft. building will be dedicated to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services for children diagnosed with autism. The Georgia legislature approved funding for the treatment of autistic children 4 years ago, but most children who are entitled to these services cannot access them because there are not enough providers. We have developed effective strategies for treating children who are on the spectrum and prepare them to return to regular classrooms after a year or so with us. Did you know that Elon Musk is autistic?

Another important component of our new building will be ZÖe Med-Tech. There is a severe shortage of Medical Assistants in our service areas. Our graduates have become a vital mainstay in many local medical offices, hospitals and nursing homes in Thomaston, Columbus and LaGrange. Med-Tech graduates can have a career in phlebotomy and/or as a Certified Medical Assistant in 12 weeks. 85% of our graduates passed their national

certification exam. Anyone with a high school diploma or GED may apply, but integrity and a caring spirit is required.

“May your home be filled with joy, your heart with love and your life with purpose.”

Merry Christmas!

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