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Nobody Likes a Bully

Students face many academic and social challenges, bullying among them. Bullying is a form of violence that can include targeted acts of malice against fellow students that are physical, verbal, or technological in nature.

Patient “Jane” had a decline in grades and relapse of major depression due to bullying. Her experience led to a loss of academic and psychological function as well as family disruption. She recovered when placed in a new school district after much effort on the part of her physician, advocates, and parents.

Bullying occurs frequently, affecting 1 in 5 high school students and is pervasive, extending to the middle school and grade school levels. The bully and the victim suffer as a result of the conflict, with the bully at risk for poor school performance and high-risk behaviors, the victim at risk for physical injury, depression, and failure to complete educational goals.

Bullying is preventable and we want to join the community in taking a stand!!! We support the values of: • Reduced exposure to violence • Peaceful conflict resolution • Mentorship programs • Protection from cyberbullying • Open communication with parents when bullied

For more information on how to prevent or stop bullying, visit

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