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Spring Has Sprung and the Crocuses are Sprouting

Wake up, everybody (trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass), it’s a fresh start, hope and optimism is renewed, the earth is exploding with life! We enjoyed a few days over 70 degrees last week with promises of better days ahead. We need the spring rains so don’t complain - home grown tomatoes, corn, radishes, sweet peas, and cucumbers will soon grace our tables. While your allergies may start to act up as the trees pollinate, spring is still a feast for our watery eyes.

Spring won’t officially arrive until March 20 at 5:37 (vernal equinox) but I like the idea of hurrying things along a little. Atlanta (Piedmont Park) is one of the most colorful places to welcome spring, but we are just a little ahead of them. So, go ahead, walkabout (as they say in Australia) and see for yourself. When nature shows off like this with fruit trees heavy with blossoms, I blush inside even though I know our driveways will soon be painted yellow and there will be long lines at Tidal Wave car wash.

The trees are in leaf, the flowers and tulips are being roused from their sleep. Thomaston comes to life and is near perfection. Soon the azaleas will reveal their beauty along with red buds, wisteria, crabapple, peach, and dogwoods - just beautiful! If you are sentimental, magnolias are also on the menu. In this part of heaven, we have an abundance of unequal color and variety framed by tall Georgia pines. I have been taking pictures of our flora and fauna and wish my editor would publish some of them. The entire State of Georgia is lovely (especially Augusta) in spring, but I am still partial to Middle Georgia. Raintree golf course is a magnificent place to enjoy the elegance of our spring offerings.

I drove pass Anthony South’s farm out on Moore’s Crossing recently and could just imagine fish jumping in his lake where I hope he will allow me to fish this summer with my grandkids. I saw fat cows grazing in the meadow and green grass growing on rolling hills. If you are lucky enough to see his land when the morning mist is rising, you will want to commit the scene to a canvas, but definitely to your long-term memory. Hidden from the city, his family seems to be surrounded by riches and enjoying an enviable life. I hope he planted strawberries again. Their ice-cream and shakes are truly delightful and to die for. There is no countryside more appealing.

Everywhere you look, it is lovely. We have so much for which to be thankful, enjoy! Don’t fight it, give in to your appreciation. And while you are at it, enjoy the full moon. If you missed the “snow moon” last week (Feb. 27), the next full moon will be March 28. (“Worm moon”) All rivers become “Moon Rivers” when it’s a full moon. On a clear night, the view from the bridge on Route 36 crossing Flint River is the place to enjoy the company of your family. Our skies are not only spectacular with the moon and stars, but our sunrise and sunsets are also brilliant with color.

Did you take time to look at the pictures from Mars!!! What an achievement! We actually get to see the surface on Mars up close and personal. That’s a trip I would love to take. Unfortunately, my time is running out so I will leave that adventure to my grandchildren.

Spring and all its glory are some of the things my wife and I appreciate about Upson County. As I absorb all that God provides, I realize that we don’t get to enjoy this pageantry anywhere else. Whatever you find to complain about, Spring shouldn’t be one of them. When I meet Him face to face, I will thank Him for smiling on us with so much goodness and mercy.

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